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FOX Corporate Housing in San Mateo, CA offers Fully-furnished, Temporary Housing options for half the cost of a typical costly hotel stay. Our San Mateo, luxury corporate apartments and single family homes give our clients the utmost in quality, designer decor with personalized touches throughout, to ensure our guests feel at home during their Temporary stay with FOX. 

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Mateo holds a collection of historic buildings, parks and entertainment areas that draw many young professionals and families. Top employers include Franklin Templeton Investments and San Mateo Medical Center, but San Mateo’s economy revolves around technology and retail as well. The city is home to the College of San Mateo, which has about 10,000 students.

San Mateo, California, is a vibrant city filled with beautiful parks. Take a hike along the San Andreas Lake to see native plants and wildlife, grab the kids for some fun at CuriOdyssey, or visit the Japanese Tea Garden in Central Park.

Nestled in the bayside area of San Mateo, Coyote Point serves as the perfect outdoor getaway for families and groups of friends alike. With large amounts of picnic tables you can reserve, Coyote Point is a great barbecue spot on a sunny weekend. There are also five walking trails you can venture on to get great views of the bay and to see the San Francisco skyline from a different perspective. 

Located within the Crystal Springs Regional Trail, Sawyer Camp Trail is the most well-known and used segment. Spanning 12 miles along the San Andreas Fault, this trail is incredibly beautiful and a breath of fresh air among the heavily populated cities. Whether it’s a bike ride, hike, or a simple walk along the path, Sawyer Camp Trail provides a stellar backdrop to enjoy the outdoors. Make sure to be on the lookout for Jepson Laurel, the oldest and largest Laurel tree aged at about 600 years old.

Whether you want to have a picnic, give your kids free reign to roam around the park, or go on a scenic hike, Laurelwood Park should be your go-to. Located at the bottom of Sugarloaf Mountain, Laurelwood is a serene 200-acre park that serves as a perfect Saturday or Sunday outdoor oasis. With several trails leading into Sugarloaf Mountain, it is a great basecamp to explore the hills of San Mateo. Not to mention the views atop Sugarloaf Mountain offer some of the best panoramic views of the Bay Area skyline.

Similar to the Palace of Fine ArtsPulgas Water Temple offers a less-crowded version of a water temple. Located in San Mateo County near Canada Road, this engineering marvel was built as a monument to commemorate the Hetch Hetchy Project. With a beautiful reflecting pool and great views of the Crystal Springs wilderness sprawling in the background, the Pulgas Water Temple is a great way to spend a couple of hours outside of San Francisco.