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Tanya Leach 10/04/2020

In the midst of these unprecedented circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies and organizations are implementing voluntary and/or mandatory work-from-home policies. Turning your home into your office can be difficult, and if you’re new to working from home, figuring out how to stay productive and sane can feel like rocket science. Luckily, FOX Corporate Housing has compiled some tips to help get you through this craziness and to help you get your work done effectively, while also keeping up with your mental well-being.

1. Get dressed.

Although it can be tempting to lounge around in your pajamas, doing so could lead to a less productive work day. There’s no need to dress yourself to the nines, but the simple act of putting on a “leaving-the-house” outfit can help kick-start your day. Getting dressed helps build a routine, and having such a routine helps you feel more organized and ready to take on the day.

Plus, we live in the 21st century where online meetings are exceedingly becoming the norm. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I’d want my boss and coworkers seeing me in my fluffy robe!

2. Designate a work space.

When working from home, it can be difficult to ignore your bed’s siren call, but people who regularly work from home are the first to admit that dedicating a certain room and/or surface in your home just for work is much more productive. This way, your already pre-designated “leisure areas,” i.e., your bed, couch, etc., can remain separate from your work life.

Doing so will help you feel like you are at the “office,” and thus will put you in the right mindset while concurrently helping to reduce distractions, and allowing you to feel as though you can “leave the office” and “leave your work behind” at the end of the day.

3. Stay connected!

It’s easy to feel isolated and cut off from the world when you work from home. This is why consistent communication with your colleagues is so important.

Use programs like Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc., to keep up with your coworkers and to stay connected with them, even if it’s just to say a quick hello or to catch up briefly!

4. Put on some background noise.

Although it may seem working in total silence might help you focus, a complete lack of noise can further add to feelings of loneliness. Putting on a TV show or playing music softly in the background can help you feel connected, and can imitate the chit-chat you might encounter while at the office. If you find yourself getting distracted, switching to light classical or “study” music might be something to consider. Spotify and YouTube have tons of playlists that are suitable.

5. Keep a morning routine.

Don’t let staying at home prevent you from going about your daily routine, just like before. A morning routine is a powerful tool to get your mind prepared for a day at the “office.”

This can be as simple as making sure you have your cup of joe before sitting at your desk, or going for a quick jog before work.

6. Take breaks and stretch your legs!

Consider setting an alarm or a reminder to get up and stretch every so often. Even something as small as walking around your house, or taking a quick – but leisurely – stroll outside to the mailbox can help your mind feel refreshed and will help increase your productivity when you return to your work.

Working from home is not everyone’s cup of tea, and hopefully things will soon return to normalcy. Until then, however, these tips can help you stay calm and be productive.

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