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Tips for Keeping your Dog Happy & Comfortable in an Apartment | FOX Corporate Housing

Tanya Leach 09/03/2020

It’s always nice to come home to a happy pup after a long day of work, but many people deprive themselves of this luxury out of fear that their pooch won’t be happy staying in an apartment. Although keeping a pet in such circumstances does require some additional considerations, it is absolutely possible. Here are some tips to keep your best friend’s tail wagging during your extended-stay!

1. Keep your pet entertained with the right toys.

Just like us, your pet can get bored when there’s nothing to do. Good thing there are various dog toys available that were designed for this very purpose! If your dog is a chewer, it might be worth considering something like a Kong toy, where the lure of difficult-to-access treat can keep your pup entertained and busy. There are multiple other options on the market as well that similarly act as a challenging and engaging puzzle for your pooch.

Additionally, getting a stuffed animal type of toy, or even a soft blanket, might also be worth looking into, as this can help keep your pup calm and help them feel at home – especially if the toy smells like you. Chewy dog bones or long lasting treats are also a good way to keep your pet occupied and happy while you are gone!

2. Exercise and Socialization!

Letting your dog stretch their legs plays a big role in keeping them happy, especially if they have been confined to your apartment all day. It’s also good for them to get a bit of socialization – with other dogs or with people.
This can easily be accomplished by taking your dog on a walk or by taking them to a dog park. Many of FOX Corpora properties offer great amenities for your pet, such as Pet Play Areas, Pet Spas and Dog Walking trails that can help your pooch get all the exercise they need. This is also a great way for them to socialize with other dogs, since chances of encountering another apartment pup in these areas is very high!

3. Make a space just for him.

Even though your dog may be the biggest snuggle bug (or bed hog!) when you’re there with them, having the whole couch or bed just to themselves when you’re not home can be overwhelming for your furry friend. Carving out a little space for your pooch can help them feel at home. This can be as simple as setting out a dog bed or a crate with a few of your dog’s favorite toys. If your dog is especially prone to separation anxiety, it may also be useful to throw in one of your t-shirts that smells likes you that he can curl up with – at least until you get home and he has the real deal to snuggle up into!

4. Consider finding someone who can check in on or watch your dog while you’re out.

If you find yourself away from the apartment for long periods of time, and can’t stop worrying about your baby, try finding someone who can pop in once or twice a day to check on him. Some FOX properties offer a Pet Day Care service, which is a great resource to have in these situations.


Having your pet with you makes your stay 100 times better. These tips should help your pet feel at home too!

At FOX, we understand that pets are an important part of the family. There’s absolutely no reason you should have to leave them behind when traveling!
Several of our communities are Pet-friendly, offering your pet amenities such as: Pet spas, on-site groomers, Pet-sitting services, Pet parks, Pet-washing stations, and convenient walking trails. Still not comfortable keeping your pet in an apartment? FOX has you covered! We also offer Fully Furnished Home options!

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