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The FOX Internship Program | FOX Corporate Housing

Tanya Leach 17/03/2020

At FOX Corporate Housing, we understand the value of education and recognize the potential in many of today’s college students. Through our FOX Internship Program, our desire is to provide our interns with the opportunity to explore the field and gain experience that builds upon their educational foundation, while simultaneously providing them with the flexibility necessary to balance work life with coursework.

About the FOX Internship Program

Our internship program focuses on year round development of classroom knowledge to real life business experiences.
FOX Corporate Housing often employs interns, not only in the summer, but allows them to work remotely, giving them flexibility with their college schedules, to focus on continually growing and teaching our future leaders fundamental work ethics, effective-time management, communication and critical thinking skills.

FOX Intern Criteria

FOX Corporate Housing is proud to offer a valuable internship program to high-performing college students. As outlined below, we offer a career value-add experience for those motivated and dedicated students willing to set aside the time to learn about the Temporary Housing Industry.

Our initial criteria to be reviewed for the program are:

  • 3.7 GPA or higher
  • Attendance at a National-Accredited university

If you meet these requirements, we want to speak with you!

Please reach out to FOX Corporate Housing’s Director of Human Resources, Karen House at: careers@foxcorphousing.com.

Flexibility of Scheduling

At FOX Corporate Housing, we understand that as a full-time student, balancing a full course-load with a work schedule can be difficult, and as a result of this, many college students miss out on all that an internship can offer. To accommodate a typical college student’s school commitments, FOX Interns can work remotely, thereby allowing them to fit their work schedule into their class schedule and other commitments. Our interns can coordinate their shifts before, after, or in between their classes so that they can effectively continue their studies while synchronously developing real world experience.

FOX Intern Duties

Our FOX Interns are delegated a myriad of duties and assignments aimed at cultivating skills in the various areas beneficial to their respective career paths and fields of study. Many FOX Interns begin their internship by developing an appreciation for the foundation and mechanics of the Sales Department through assisting the FOX Corporate Housing Sales Team with heavy outbound calling to our vendor partner communities to verify current availability and rental rates, compiling property information into our expansive system database, and entering leads.

Interns who demonstrate a particular interest in this field are subsequently taught the logistics of quote generation and are given the opportunity to gain invaluable experience through working one-on-one with a Sales Team Mentor.

Interns who desire to learn more about Information Technology are provided with the opportunity to develop further coding skills by assisting the IT Department with formulation of codes crucial to keeping software operational, as well as by working with the IT Department to troubleshoot coding errors.

Some interns are also tasked with assignments focused around Social Media SEO Marketing via Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and thus gain key insight into the elements of Digital Marketing. Interns who are especially interested additionally learn the principles behind effective Digital Marketing research and analytics, and are given creative license through means of digital media design.

Through means of their individual tasks and assignments, all FOX Interns develop essential critical thinking skills, gain an appreciation for attention to detail, and advance their communication skills in an environment that concurrently fosters effective time-management tendencies.

The FOX Intern Family

At FOX Corporate Housing, we like to think of ourselves as one big family – and FOX Interns are no exception! Many of our interns have been friends since high school, and those new to the program are welcomed with open arms and are very quickly integrated into the FOX family. It is always great to see our interns spending time with one another outside of work and to watch them further develop friendships with fellow employees!

We are so proud of each and every one of our FOX Interns, and we value their individual contributions to the company. All of our interns bring unique perspectives and insights to the table, and it is an honor getting to see them grow and develop into young leaders.


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