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FOX Corporate Housing Introduces Chromecast Streaming

Tanya Leach 17/04/2020

FOX Corporate Housing is pleased to announce the addition of Google Chromecast Streaming to our standard rental package in lieu of basic cable.

Why Google Chromecast?

Google Chromecast Streaming gives you access to basic cable channels, but much more. You can stream your favorite shows and programs. For our tenants that have subscriptions to services such as: Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, Watch ESPN, etc., you can utilize Google Chromecast Streaming to stream on your TV. No need to watch on your iPhone, Android phone or tablet when traveling.

How do I set it up?

No need to setup the Google Chromecast device. Just as with basic cable, when you step into your apartment or home, everything is installed and ready to stream. FOX provides high speed Internet as part of our standard package. All you need to ensure is that your device is connected to the WiFi. Of course, FOX provides all the instructions and password for your secure Internet connection. FOX takes care of it all.

Why the change?

This shift will give our tenants access to entertainment services well beyond the offerings of basic cable, improving the overall travel and stay experience. In addition, as you know, for quick turnarounds in our units not already equipped with cable, cable wait times can extend past the move in date. This eliminates any delay in receiving services.

So sit back, grab your remote, and flip through the numerous offerings Google Chromecast Streaming has to offer!

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