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FOX Corporate Housing in Greensboro, NC offers Fully-furnished, Temporary Housing options for half the cost of a typical costly hotel stay. Our Greensboro, luxury corporate apartments and single family homes give our clients the utmost in quality, designer decor with personalized touches throughout, to ensure our guests feel at home during their Temporary stay with FOX. 

With a great selection of 135 attractions, the fun never ends in Greensboro! Centrally located in North Carolina’s picturesque heartland, Greensboro is the perfect place to relax and be immersed in entertainment. Play in the center of it all! Dine with a selection of more than 500 restaurants.

Greensboro, North Carolina loves nightlife, shopping, and horses (8,000 buyers per year go to the Sharpe Family Horse Farm.)  Greensboro lives up to its name in the host of gardens, science centers, and arboretums. The Bog Garden features a living wetland ecosystem. History is also at home here with museums dedicated to the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights movement. After a day of sightseeing, visitors flock to the Four Seasons Town Center for dinner, shopping, and a movie. 

Greensboro has done a masterful job with its main drag, which next year will be anchored by a new performing arts center on one end and a funky neighborhood full of breweries and thrift shops on the other. Elm Street is full of the kind of old brick facades you see in nostalgic black-and-white photos, the buildings now occupied by craft taco shops, a regional theater company, wine bars, and modern southern restaurants.

Greensboro is the birthplace of Vicks Vap-o rub, a fun fact you’ll learn on one of the many historic plaques running through downtown. But the history here runs much deeper than medicinal pastes. Greensboro is also the home of the Woolworth’s Lunch Counter, where four black students began the lunch counter sit-in movement in 1960. The counter is still there, but the Woolworth’s that housed it is now the International Civil Rights Museum, one of the most unique exhibits on the American black experience.

Though the mountains near Asheville and the beaches on the coast get much of the Carolina outdoor hype, sparsely populated Greensboro has a magnificent system of hiking and biking trails that make it an outdoor destination anyone can enjoy. That’s because the trails are, for the most part, easy. So even if you’re not usually an active vacationer, you can get lost (figuratively) among towering Magnolia and pine trees, with nothing but the sounds of birds and the lapping of water accompanying your morning stroll.